Symphonic Homage and Prayer premiers in Boston
Symphony Hall, May 6 2012 - 2 P.M.
Free Admission - Tickets Required

BOSTON — Symphony Hall will stage the first performance of the American Tour of “The Suffering of the Innocents, a Symphonic Homage.” Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, will preside the event and will lead a prayer for all innocent victims whose lives have been damaged by the sins of others.

The Symphony was composed by Kiko Arguello, a Spanish composer and artist as well as the initiator of the Neocatechumenal Way, a Catholic renewal group. It will be performed by the Orchestra and Choir of the Neocatechumenal Way conducted by Pau Jorquera.

The theme of the Symphony reflects Arguello’s experience in the shanty towns of Madrid, Spain, in the 1960s where he lived for several years after a religious conversion experience from atheism. In the midst of all the destitute living in the shacks, Arguello contemplated the suffering of so many people due to the sins of others.

“Men thrown in the street, dying of cold. Children abandoned and gathered in horrific orphanages, where they suffer violence and are abused, that woman, whom I knew in that neighborhood, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, abandoned by her husband, whose mentally ill son beat her with a pole, and was begging for alms,” Arguello recalls.

“I was overwhelmed… What a mystery the suffering of so many innocents who bear the sin of others, incest, a violence unheard of, that line of naked women and children going towards the gas chamber, and that deep pain of one of the guards who was hearing inside his heart a voice: get in line with them and go with them to die; and he did not know whence that voice was coming…” You can read Arguello's message here.

The tour is endorsed by prominent leaders of the Catholic and Jewish communities.

The Neocatechumenal Way Orchestra is composed of an international group of 110 musicians and a choir of 90 voices.

The performance of the Suffering of the Innocents will take place on Sunday May 6 at 2 PM at Boston Symphony Hall. Other performances will be taking place on Tuesday May 8 at New York's Avery Fisher Hall and on Monday May 14 at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall. .

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Kiko Argüello


Pau Jorquera

Performed by

Orchestra and Choir of the Neocatechumenal Way



May 6 - 2:00pm

Symphony Hall

New York

May 8 - 8:00pm

Avery Fisher Hall


May 14 - 7:00pm

Orchestra Hall at Chicago Symphony Center

We wish to offer this work as a bridge of love and reconciliation